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What is a Project Manager?

"A project manager is a professional in the field of project management. Project managers have the responsibility of the planning, procurement, and execution of a project, in any undertaking that has a defined scope, defined start and a defined finish.

They adapt their approach to the context and constraints of each project, knowing that no 'one size' can fit all the variety of projects. And they are always improving their own and their teams' skills through lessons-learned reviews at project completion."

The Project Management Institute defines the Responsibilities of a Project Manager including:

  • Defining the scope of a project as it relates to the overall business objectives and needs
  • Planning and monitoring each task throughout a project to ensure each item is completed in a timely manner.
  • Managing the project resources including the team's time and hours
  • Communicating effectively on each status of the project to corresponding stakeholders
  • Foreseeing and eliminating possible blockers
  • Documenting each step in the process using different project management tools available
  • Ensuring top quality and success of a project

Check out more about the Project Management Profession and what they do.

We help our clients through the construction lifecycle from feasibility through design and construction to completion. Our Director, Mr. Kirkland, holds the relevant Licence from the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC)and is qualified to provide the full range of defined Project Management Services to customers and principals for all classes of building work defined under the National Construction Code.

As a licenced contractor Kip offers Project Management Services, including acting as Principal's Representative or Superintendent to a head contract. This involves administering construction contracts on behalf of clients.

Some examples of Contract Administration include assessment and valuation of:

  • Extensions of Time
  • Delays to Progress under a Contract Program
  • Disruption to Progress under a Contract Program
  • Variations under a Contract

As part of the construction process it is important to understand and manage risk and as project managers we are experienced in risk and opportunity assessment, valuation, and management for our clients. This helps to manage the potential for occurrences that may have a negative impact on the delivery of a project.

As project managers we provide our clients with a range of project management reports to provide a clear understanding of the project at regular intervals in terms of progress on site, costs to date, forecast costs to complete, potential risks and opportunities and other issues our clients identify as being of importance.

Understanding the duration of construction projects is fundamental to understanding the potential costs and outcomes. We help our clients to develop a schedule of work to best understand expected duration and we then monitor progress throughout the delivery process. This process also involves reporting on project performance assessment and providing financial health checks.

We help our clients to establish project teams and offer leadership, mentoring and support to our clients and their staff members. We strongly believe in encouraging and upskilling professionals within the construction industry to help lift the standard of construction at project but also at industry level.

QBCC Licenced Contractor > Builder – Open / Builder – Project Management Services.

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Dispute Resolution and Claims Management

CEAU has been involved in the preparation, assessment, valuation, negotiation and finalisation of construction claims on large building and infrastructure projects throughout Queensland, Northern Territory and Papua New Guinea.

As claims managers we help our clients to assess their position and work intimately with our clients to formulate, prepare and execute commercialstrategies and processes to best manage large claims under construction contracts.

We assist with assembling complex claims for submission and support construction principals, principal contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers to protect their cash flow and recover lost revenue.

We support clients to limit their exposure under contract and administer construction claims lodged under relevant payment legislation.

We also assist with preparation of claims to be submitted under relevant contractual clause provisions and formal contract dispute processes such as applications under relevant payments legislation, mediation and adjudication.

We work within a professional network to provide claims management services and have experience in forming strong teams of specialist claims consultants to create highly functioning teams with expertise in their relevant disciplines.

Residential Building and Construction Services

Our business is flexible and committed to helping all levels of the building industry and we support clients through the house building process. CEAU actively supports and assists individuals, owner builders, investors, builders, and developers throughout the construction lifecycle from feasibility through design, appointment of a builder and throughout construction to hand over and completion.

Some of our services include concept estimating and design cost planning to develop and prepare budgets in preparation for construction. this may be used for cost control purposes but can also be used for finance or lending purposes if required.

We estimate construction costs for clients, and this can be in preparation for a new build, a renovation or to establish historical costs for capital gains depending on client requirements. There are several formats for providing estimates including feasibility, concept, elemental, first principles, unit rate and trade estimates. We can also provide independent third party estimate reviews and reports as clients should always check their preferred builders estimates to ensure the builders estimatesare fair and reasonable.

We administer building contracts and manage projects for our clients. Hiring a professional can help to avoid time related, cost related and quality related problems during the construction process, as these issuescan often end up with unpleasant negative outcomes when not managed correctly by a qualified professional.

We manage the tendering and procurement process for our clients for Contractor, Subcontractor and suppliers budgeting and contractual engagement. This includes advising on the best form of Contract to use, preparing contract documents to ensure all relevant information is included and to help negotiating commercial terms.

As quantity surveyors we manage costs and control budgets during construction to protect our clients' financial investments. We offer a full range of residential building and construction services.

We advise our clients on practicality and provide value engineering reviews of building plans and proposed changes.

We review, analyse, and assess for builders or contractor's progressive payment claims and provide certification for payments. This service extends to final account reconciliation

When projects approach completion it is also very important to manage and indentify defective building work. We do this by preparing defect lists, managing defects rectification carried out by the builder and preparing, advising and certifying project completion.

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